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Student Offer


Let’s create an academic community together – individual commitment, cooperation, and synergy are our greatest values!

  • student community included in and co-responsible for the development of the University – regular rectoral / dean’s panel meetings with representatives of students and PhD candidates
  • establishment of a Students’ Front Office under the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs to support students and doctoral candidates, including ED, in all organizational and administrative matters, including scientific and didactic initiatives
  • introduction of the first participatory Citizens’ Budget for student projects
  • establishment of the GUMed Foundation also supporting the needs of students
  • University Centre for Mental Health Support
  • support for the development of transferable soft skills and support for students wishing to undertake extracurricular activities
  • student-friendly returns from Erasmus – ECTS credits, a free week for making up classes
  • more funds for student integration activities (USS)
  • increased funding for the activities undertaken by the Student Scientific Society, Student Scientific Circles, and other student organizations
  • ensuring a good adaptation of first-year students to the University’s community
  • Summer student camp – a two-week camp combined with practical classes aimed at the integration of the academic community and planning future career paths
  • one-week student innovation camp, preceded by innovation-focused workshops


Let’s focus on the development of practical skills and transferable interpersonal competencies!

  • mentoring project: mentor – student, 12 months, sharing knowledge and experience, support for the student’s career
  • overcoming the fear of failure and learning from mistakes – “Farewell to Failure” meetings
  • increased number of medical/other assistant positions
  • introduction of new teaching assistant positions
  • tapping into the interdisciplinary potential of inter-faculty collaboration – inter-faculty classes and tutorials for various disciplines/workshops conducted in cooperation with other Fahrenheit Universities
  • increased number of interdisciplinary clinical and pre-clinical classes, with the possibility of creating modules
  • lifelong learning – promotion of the idea of life-long learning; ambitious attitude and willingness for self-improvement
  • improved preparation of students for LEK/LDEK (funding for courses); exam preparation classes (question analysis, knowledge tests during classes; improving the University’s position in the CEM ranking)
  • digitalisation of teaching resources, including modernisation of the learning environment by introducing an integrated student platform
  • improved quality of learning materials (scripts, books, virtual reality)
  • greater clinical focus of courses offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy
    • expansion of pharmaceutical classes in the University Hospital Training Pharmacy
    • introduction of the pharmacist assistant positions for FoP students (UCK, GUMed)


Let’s create a community that values academic freedom, fosters scientific development, and ensures appropriate respect for the real participation of students in the scientific team!

  • • a strategy focused on solid international cooperation by facilitating the exchange of staff, including students and doctoral candidates
  • ensuing academic freedom and respect for the real participation of students in scientific projects, including support in the delivery of clinical trials
  • internationalization of the doctoral school
  • Young Scientist Programme aimed at young researchers (including students), developing research skills and supporting innovative projects
  • promotion of student participation in the first research teams fully funded by GUMed
  • series of information sessions for students and doctoral candidates on how and where to publish (Q1, D1, IF)
  • support students through IDUB Grant Programs to foster scientific development and improve transferable interpersonal skills.


Together, let’s decide how to arrange and manage the university spaces to make them ideal for effective studying and relaxation!

  • expansion of social infrastructure
  • refreshment facilities – canteen, places to heat up meals and prepare a cup of coffee or tea
  • enlargement of cloakroom areas (CMN, CMI)
  • introduction of new areas for relaxation, including in the CBM area
  • reactivation of the Medyk Club, revitalization of social life
  • renovation of DS2, seeking funds for refurbishment of dormitories
  • improvement of infrastructure for students with disabilities
  • more accessible and better managed Sports Centre
  • improved library access – extended opening hours
  • promotion of activities focusing on the sustainable mobility scheme.